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Five ways video content can enhance healthcare meetings

We share some of the ways carefully curated video content can drive delegate engagement and add value to your healthcare events.

By Bridie Hook, Digital Programme Manager, SWM Partners

Delegate expectations have changed in recent years. Not only that, our attention spans are shortening thanks to the rise of devices such as wearables, meanwhile most of us are busier than ever.

This means meetings not only need to address the individual wants and needs of attendees, it’s important that we, as event marketers, planners and managers, are constantly evolving our formats, delivery styles and programmes.

One of the key strategies to consider adding to your arsenal in this respect, is video. Below I delve into five benefits of weaving this form of communication into your meeting strategy.

1. There is demand for video content

Figures show us that people, quite simply, enjoy consuming information via video. Wyzowl’s The State of Video Marketing 2023 report, for example, revealed that 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands.

While this research is consumer focused, our personal and professional lives are becoming increasingly blurred, and it highlights that this form of marketing is on the rise overall.

2. Information can be communicated with clarity

When it comes to the healthcare sector, sharing study updates, product compositions and medical related processes can be complex.

Video is effective here in that it can be used to highlight key pieces of data, complement speakers’ sessions, and add a visual element to presentations, which can enhance audience members’ overall understanding of what is being shared.

3. Increased engagement and dwell times

By virtue of its ability to educate in clear and concise ways, video content will inevitably drive increased engagement, and you’ll find audience members are watching the content in full. The beauty in this digital platform is that it provides rich analytics, so that you can measure the effectiveness of different content styles and approaches.

For the healthcare sector, we recommend looking to the combined expertise of scientific and digital experts to decipher your data and messages, and curate wholly bespoke videos and animations that communicate them in compelling and informative ways.

4. Relevancy throughout the event life cycle

Regardless of your event’s format, video can play a valuable role at the pre, during and post-meeting stages. Our team, for example, incorporates the content we create into email communications, the dedicated event portals that we create, and we always suggest making it available for viewing on demand once a meeting ends.

This aids with message retention, ensures delegates are equipped with the information they require, and ensures your organisation remains front of mind.

5. A more accessible and sustainable alternative

Sharing information via video enables delegates who may not be able to attend an event in person to the opportunity to tune in from afar. It’s important to ensure that if your meeting is hybrid, however, you take the necessary steps to create a wholly engaging, interactive experience for remote delegates.

Translation and subtitling is also key here, so that those who speak different languages to speakers or have hearing or other impairments can engage with the content.

From an environmental standpoint, video can also eliminate or reduce the need to distribute printed materials, which also makes it a more sustainable solution.

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