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Are medcomms a part of your strategy?

Medical communications are key throughout clinical trials, and add immense value to meetings and sites.

Educating healthcare professionals and patients about a clinical trial, from the initial stages and ongoing, is essential, and this is where medical communications have a valuable role to play.

They have the ability to ensure sites have all the information they require to treat and inform patients, and that patients are aware of all aspects of a trial, and their potential involvement in it.

The value of a strategic and collaborative approach

Determining those communications that are most effective for a trial, however, requires strategic thought and planning.

We recognise that this process can be challenging, and that the support of qualified and experienced scientists and pharmacists can add immense value to this process.

This prompted our team to develop two detailed resources, which delve into medcomms for all aspects of clinical trials.

The first shines a spotlight on the expertise of our inhouse medcomms department, and covers:

  • The team’s qualifications, years of experience, and industry specific knowledge.
  • Their wholly tailored and informed approach, and a services snapshot.
  • Project examples, spanning global study brand development and implementation, and the creation of bespoke technical animations.

Download your copy here

The second takes a deeper dive into three of the team’s core services, and highlights their usages and importance:

  • Medical animations and videos, including the six-step process our experts adopt.
  • Speaker support, from pre-event presentation development, through to onsite assistance.
  • The dedicated communications they create for patients.

Download your copy here

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